What drives us: The seven EMU principles

exclusive traveling

Our philosophy “exclusive traveling” describes what we stand for and what we do. The seven guiding principles support and lead us thereby:


EMU has set itself the goal of becoming a synonym for exclusive golf and leisure travel.


We develop unique ambition in seeking extraordinary destinations and special services for our customers.


Every single destination offered by EMU was personally visited, reviewed and tested under strict guidelines. Only those really meeting our high expectations are part of our portfolio.


Each request of our customers is seen as a special challenge, the aim is to fulfill them. Individuality is particularly encouraged – to our employees as well as in the planning of the single golf and luxury trips.


A high level of service orientation is anchored in the thoughts and actions of our employees. Besides, our promised quality can be sensed by the customer at any point of contact with us, and beyond.


Personal commitment is encouraged and enjoys a high priority within the company.


The employees' behavior within the company as well as with all our customers, partners and suppliers is significantly influenced by special appreciation and respect.